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10 Things You Need To Know About Buying Preloved Fashion

What does Preloved Shopping mean?
Peloved shopping is about buying items that someone else has owned (and loved) before. The items may have been used lightly or they may be in mint new condition.

Although Preloved clothes had previous owners, they are by no means worn-out, smelly clothes or hand-me-downs. Preloved clothes are not the same as "second-hand" clothes. To know the difference, check out our handy guide here>>

Why should you buy from Sharewardrobe?
We understand your concerns when it comes to buying clothes that someone else might have worn before - which is why we invest heavily into our quality check process. Every item listed on Sharewardrobe is 100% inspected, verified and quality checked against our 20-point check-list! See our quality check-list here >

What does 100% inspected and quality checked means?
One of the biggest fear while buying preloved clothes online is that you might get extremely worn, damaged or something entirely different from what the pictures show on the website. We understand your fear - which is why, we physically inspect and check EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing, handbag, shoe and accessory BEFORE listing it on our platform. Our Quality check process ensures that only those items are accepted and listed that are still in great condition and look and feel brand new.

To make buying easier for you, we catalog every aspect of the item, including any tiny defects it may have. We strive to make preloved clothes purchasing as transparent and painless as possible. Our promise to you is that what you see on our platform is what you get at home.

Do you dry-clean and sanitize every item prior to selling?
Our merchandising team verifies and inspects all clothes at our own warehouse. Every clothing item is dry-cleaned and sanitized. All handbags, shoes & accessories are dusted, cleaned and made to look and feel like-new to give you the best buying experience possible.

What are Sharewardrobe's quality standards for used clothes sold on the platform?
Sharewardrobe accepts & lists only quality clothes that are fully functional (e.g., no broken zippers) and meet a certain quality standard and aesthetic bar. Items listed on Sharewardrobe come in variety of conditions: New-with-tags, Excellent, Gently used and Fairly used. Sharewardrobe believes in curating only high quality preloved fashion from the market to ensure you have an equally high quality shopping experience!

What does the product condition Excellent, Gently Used etc., mean?
Prelovd Clothes comes in a variety of conditions and we make all efforts to be as transparent about the item's condition as possible.

  • New With Tags: These are clothes or items that were bought by their previous owner but never worn. These items come with their original retail tags.
  • Excellent: Clothes that fall under the "Excellent" category are in mint condition, show no signs of wear & tear and could easily pass off as brand new.
  • Gently Used: These pieces of preloved clothes, handbags, shoes & accessories are in great condition overall, but show minor signs of previous use, for example, scuff marks on shoes, unnoticeable lose thread etc.,
  • Fairly Used: 'Fairly Used' preloved clothes & accessories are items that are still completely functional, but have obvious signs of its previous use. These items still make for a great buy as they could be seasonal pieces like a leather jacket and come at a steep discount of up to 90-95% off!
How do I know my Size on Sharewardrobe website?
At Sharewardrobe, we receive about 800+ brands and every brand & label has its own unique size chart. To make shopping preloved fashion on Sharewardrobe as seamless and painless as possible, we carefully measure each and every piece of clothing and provide detailed measurements along with the fit & material information under the "Product Info" tab on the product page. To determine what size would fit you, check out our size chart here >>

How much money am I saving by buying Preloved clothes on Sharewardrobe vs buying at full retail price in stores?
All Preloved clothes & accessories are typically priced anywhere from 30-90% off from their estimated retail price. The estimated retail price is derived by comparing the product with the discounted prices of other similar items being sold online across various websites. Clothes, shoes, handbags & accessories sold on Sharewardrobe are at significant discount to other online portals by virtue of being preloved, and you can expect to save anywhere from 50%-80% of the money you would have otherwise spent!

How do I return my order if it does not meet my expectation?
You can always return an item for any reason! If you wish to return an item, email us at Hello@Sharewardrobe.com within 24 hours of receiving your order and our support team will schedule a pickup from your address at a convenient time at no extra cost.

Do I get money in my bank account on returns?
Yes! Once the return item reaches us, we will do a quick quality check to ensure all tags are still intact and the item has not been worn or damaged. Once the item passes our check, we will transfer the sale amount, minus the shipping charges if any, to your bank account within 2-4 working days.


Have more questions about buying? Feel free to contact us at Hello@Sharewardrobe.com.