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  • As of now, we offer free shipping. Once your pick-up has been confirmed, we will email you shipping labels. All you need to do is pack your items in a carton or a cardboard box and keep them ready for the pick-up along with the shipping label print-outs.

    On a date agreed upon by you, our courier personnel will arrive at your address and collect the sealed box from you.

  • Once your box has been picked-up by the courier personnel, you'll receive an automated email within 2-3 hours of the pickup along with the tracking number and estimated delivery date . Using the tracking number, you can check where your parcel is at any given point in time. Once your items reach us, you'll also received an automated email informing you about the same.

  • Once we receive your items, we check every item, manually, against our 20-point quality check-list. Once the quality check process is complete, we will send you a status update about your clean-out bag. This status update will have information like what items were accepted for listing, what were not accepted along with our recommended selling prices for all accepted items.

  • Quality check process can take anywhere from 1-14 days, depending on the number of items in your clean-out bag. However, in the event of a delay, we will inform you of the same. As soon as your items go live, you'll receive an email so that you can check all items online and share with your friends and family to help expedite the sale process.

  • You can either request for your not-accepted items to be returned back to you or then request to donate to a charity. If you choose to request for a return, we will ship them back to you for a nominal shipping fee.

  • Sharewardrobe will price your gently used fashion for you. We apply our pricing algorithm to set prices according to brand, item type, age, condition, past purchasing trends for similar Preloved items, inventory data and clothes value depreciation. Our goal is to sell your items at the highest possible price within the first 60 days. All selling prices will be finalized only after getting your confirmation.

    We have sold more than 1000 items representing over 500 brands giving us the ability to optimally price your preloved items for sale.

  • We charge a nominal 30% cut off the final sale price for all items below Rs.15,000. For all items above Rs.15,000, we charge only 25%.

  • You can check the current status by logging into your Sharewardorbe account dashboard. The status of your Clean-out bag and all accepted items will be listed under "My Bags" on the account page.

  • Once items from your clean-out bag are sold, you 'll be sent a notification via email and the payout option will become available for you on your account dashboard. You can update your bank account details and choose to transfer the payout in your bank account, request for store credit or then donate to a charity.

    Once your bank account details are updated, we will issue a transfer within 7 working days.

  • After 180 days, you may request to have your items returned. Otherwise, we will either continue merchandising items in sales or if you wish to, donate the items to charity.