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It can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton, equivalent to a single t-shirt and pair of jeans. Up to 8,000 different chemicals are used to turn raw materials into clothes, including a range of dyeing and finishing processes. And what becomes of the clothing that doesn’t sell, falls apart or goes out of style? More often than not, it is discarded in giant landfills.

Respect Your Clothes

Invest in high-quality clothes - they will give you higher returns! High-quality clothes have a longer life-cycle and thus can be re-used and recycled which in turn helps reduce some burden we place on our planet. Clothes made from natural fibers cost less carbon footprint than clothes made from chemicals.

Not just
A Piece of Cloth
Receiver's Dignity,
Donor's Pride

As a seller on ShareWardrobe, you have the option of donating any and all unaccepted items to an NGO. These organisations work towards putting clothing on back of those who really neet it in return for labour. Clothing is one of the basic needs as a human being and your clothes, that might otherwise just sit in your wardrobe gathering dust, could bring joy to someone and help restore their dignity in society. 

Support a Cause
That's Close to
Your Heart

Once your item is sold on ShareWardrobe, apart from bank transfer and store credit, you also have the option to forward the sale proceedings from one or more items to an NGO of your choice. Did you know that you can feed, provide healthcare and educate a disabled child for 4 years from the sale of just one LV bag? That’s some potential you have in your wardrobe to do good!