At Sharewardrobe, we believe in getting the maximum value for the clothes we invest in. And we know for a fact that clothes that are well maintained not only get sold quickly but also fetch a higher selling price. So how do you make sure you get the most for your buck?

The first step in getting the most value for your clothes is making sure they are well cared for – not only should they be stored correctly but also washed and laundered the right number of times. Wash a garment too many times and it starts looking dull and loses its shine. There’s nothing worse than seeing colour fade from your favourite dress or see your top look like a rag. On the other hand, some type of garments require regular machine wash and some should be only dry-cleaned and that too after every wear!

If you’re working on getting your dream wardrobe, start with this first step: understand your fabrics and how and when to wash them. Print the following guide and pin it up on in your closet so that you remember to dry-clean that Lehenga after its last outing!

Ultimate Washing Guide for Indian Clothes 3

Ultimate Washing Guide for Indian Clothes 2

Ultimate Washing Guide for Indian Clothes 1

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