AAt Sharewardrobe, our philosophy is fairly simple – invest in high quality clothing and care for them with unfailing enthusiasm. Follow this and it will not only lead you to loving your wardrobe but also help you recover almost 70% of your investment when you do re-sell your clothes on Sharewardrobe. And in today’s post we are going to take a look at the number one mistake that’s ruining your clothes and in turn your returns on your wardrobe! Ready to find out?

At Sharewardrobe, we receive hundred’s of items every week and we take pride in our stringent quality inspection process. Our 20-point quality inspection check-list ensures that items listed on Sharewardrobe are of the utmost quality and in great condition – almost like new! And during our quality check the one thing that saddens us most is seeing good quality clothes with “iron marks“.

how to avoid ironing marks

Iron marks are shiny patches you’ll find on clothes that have been ironed on with too much heat or for too long. When you iron, you’re using heat to loosen fabric fibers and press them flat. Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance you can end up burning or yellowing the fabric if you’re not doing it properly. Using too much heat on delicate fabrics can completely ruin them and leave shiny patches.

WWhat Are Iron Marks?
When you iron natural fabrics like cotton or linen on high heat, you could end up burning the fibers of the clothes which result in iron marks. If the fabric is synthetic like polyester or viscose, the iron marks are basically “melt marks” which result when the high heat from iron melts the fibers of the fabric together.

And although your clothes might be in great condition otherwise, these iron marks leave them completely unsalable!

How Iron Marks Are Ruining Your Clothes

Once your clothes have iron marks, there’s really nothing much you can do to make them go away but with the care tips mentioned in this post, you can definitely avoid them and increase the life of your clothes!

Tried any of the above tips? Do tell us in comments!

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