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Whether you’re a fashion addict who follows every fashion blog and Instagram out there or if you’re new to fashion, slowly finding your way to your fashion identity, we bet you have your lineup of bloggers that you turn to for creative and unique take on the latest fashion trends!

In today’s post, we are going to share 5 of our favourite fashion bloggers in India and what makes them so awesome! If you aren’t following them already, do so now! ūüôā

Name Header_1India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

Head to Akanksha Redhu’s blog for a daily dose of fashion, with a bonus of beauty and travel. Her posts include her personal interpretation of the season’s biggest fashion trends, coverage of Delhi fashion weeks (and other local events), her favourite beauty picks, and new products/labels she‚Äôs loving.

We not only love her wardrobe – which is full of amazing brands¬†and unique, stylish pieces – but equally love the amazing travel pictures she uploads on her blog regularly. What we love about her blog the most though, is her take on fashion and how she manages to make even simpler pieces from Forever21 or Shopper’s Stop look so high-fashion! With her amazing style and wide range of topics like fashion, beauty, travel and events – Akanksha Redhu’s blog is one of our favourites!

India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

Go follow her on :

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Next, head to “Love and Other Bugs”, founded by two friends bound by a serious love for fashion. Shot on the streets, beaches and hidden corners of Bombay, their images are dramatic, visually compelling and since there are two of them, they highlight two distinct styles and takes on the season’s trends.

Full of awesome original content, be it fashion, beauty and makeup or styling Рthese guys with their creativity stand out in the Indian fashion blogging scene. Self-confessed lovers of fashion, they love to experiment with their personal style, playing dress-up and creating looks that are super stylish yet wearable and real at the same time! The best thing about their blog though? With them, you get not one, but two awesome scoops of fashion in one frame!

Their wardrobes are full of amazing brands РKoesch, Nishka Lulla, H&M and Topshop are some of their favourite brands Рand we love them for introducing us to new stylish brands ever so often!
India's top 5 Fashion BloggersIndia's top 5 Fashion BloggersGo follow them here:

Name Header_3India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

Masoom Minawala at Style Fiesta is a blogger turned entrepreneur. On her blog Style Fiesta, she explores the latest fashion and jewelry trends, posts helpful fashion and style-related stories such as a roundup of the e-commerce sites that deliver to India, and shares images of her collaborations with brands like Le Mill, GAS, Garnier etc.,

Personal outfits, inspirations, trend reports and daily updates about the latest happenings in the city makes this blog awesome.¬†If you’re looking for a more feminine, flirty, playful and fun style inspiration, head to her blog pronto! Her wardrobe is full of amazing pieces ranging from high-street brands like Zara, H&M to more luxury ones like Chloe, GAS, Celine, Prada etc., ¬†– all styled beautifully!¬†The one thing we also love about her blog is her take on Indianwear –¬†she frequently wears Indianwear and kurtis and we love her blog for that!

Style Fiesta_2

India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

For more follow her on:

Name Header_4India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

A model, beautician and creative director, Rhea Gupte’s blog Fuss is first and foremost a complete visual treat! We can’t take our eyes off this stunning blog! Eclectic, laced with dark overtones, her fashion style is extremely unique and individualistic and sets her apart from the rest of the Indian bloggers. And we love that! A heavy lehenga with a crisp white button-up? Rhea from Fuss makes it look easy and effortless!

Apart from Fashion & style posts, Rhea also regularly updates about other things close to her heart, travel related posts and a lot of good advice for girls wanting to make it big in the fashion world. If you don’t follow her blog, go click on the link below now!

India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

For more, follow her on:

Name Header_5India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

Gia Kashyap’s blog Gia Says That is a mix of beauty and fashion in equal measure! If you’re looking for feminine yet bold and kitschy fashion style or then some really awesome beauty advice with tons of beauty product reviews, head to her blog!

Apart from fashion and beauty related posts, Gia shares a lot of information about working in the fashion industry and as a freelancer in India and has some great advice for aspiring young women. ¬†Also, if you’re looking for fashion advice on budget styling, she has a whole category called, “Pennywise” where she regularly posts about new ways to look fashionable on a tight budget – gold we say!

India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers India's top 5 Fashion Bloggers

Follow her at:

There are more amazing fashion bloggers in India and we wish we could cover them all in one post! But we hope you enjoyed reading this post – tell us your favourite fashion blogger in India in the comments!

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