How To Sell Used Clothes

We, at Sharewardrobe, often get asked, “What Can I Sell”? And although, we give a generic answer, “everything related to women’s fashion”, a more honest reply would be, “What Sells”. If you have never heard of consignment or preloved before, do check out our handy guide about these resale terms here.

If you have tried selling your gently used clothes before without any success, we are here today to tell you how to actually make money by selling your gently used clothes. Read on!

1. What Can You Sell?

Well, you can sell almost anything from tops to sarees to shoes to bags. But westernwear items like tops, dresses, skirts and jeans get sold the most. So if you’re new to re-selling, start with these items. Also, since these are not as expensive as, say, your Prada handbag or your designer anarkali, these items will get sold easily and you’ll get quick money in your bank account. Cha ching!


2. Buy These Brands 

If you’re seriously looking to make cash from selling your preloved items, build an inventory of popular brands. Brands like Zara (hottest by far!), Mango, H&M, Gucci, Michael Kors, Coach are “hot” brands. They get picked up as soon they’re listed. If you’re looking to make a quick buck, buy these brands.


3. Invest In Trends 

Classic pieces like a crisp white shirt or a silk top will serve you for a long time irrespective of what’s “fashionable”. If you’re looking to refresh you wardrobe often, you’ll have more success selling on-trend pieces than something that was in fashion a few years ago. This way you’ll also end up having the most fashionable wardrobe. Win-win!


4. Focus On Seasonal Pieces 

It’s not always about the label. Certain items are always in demand as resale shoppers are often on the lookout for seasonal items that would otherwise cost a bomb when buying at full retail price. Think bridal lehengas, wool coats, leather skirts, leather boots, designer dresses, outerwear and leather handbags. You’ll get far better returns investing in these pieces.


5. Care For Your Fashion

You won’t make any money selling your used clothes, if they are well, “used”. The whole idea of selling preloved or preowned clothes is that they be gently used and be “sell-able”. (Read why Preloved is not same as Second-hand clothes). You’ll get a far better price for your items, you could almost recover 50-60% of the retail price, if you maintain them well. After all, no one is going to pay you for stained, smelly or damaged items even if they are designer pieces, right?

Make sure you wash your items after appropriate number of wears and wash them correctly (check our Ultimate Washing Guide to know when and how to wash your garments). Some fabrics can’t handle the washing machine and need dry-cleaning only – learn to read the wash care labels. If you’re unsure about what the wash care symbols mean, check our handy guide explaining them in detail.


And finally, remember to Be Fearless with Fashion!

Have questions about selling your used clothes? Ask us in comments and our resale experts will guide you.


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