Flipping through the pages of Vogue or Cosmopolitan, you might wonder how much more money you need to earn or save to afford an expensive wardrobe like the ones these pages flaunt.

Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need extra cash to make your outfits look expensive and posh! You simply need some know-how and a little going-an-extra mile. So make the most of what you already own and elevate your outfit style to look luxe, even when they aren’t. Read on for some tried-and-tested styling tips to making your clothes look expensive!

1. Know Your Fabricsknowyourfabric_postimage

While  Zara, H&M and Forever21 are great at emulating the latest runway trends and giving us access to most stylish pieces, what they do lack is quality – and to be more specific, quality of fabric. Almost all fast-fashion clothes will be made of Polyester or some mix of the same. The one sure-fire way to make an outfit look more expensive is to wear good quality fabrics – and no, you don’t have to always wear silks and cashmere’s! Check out our handy guide to what fabrics to invest in to make your wardrobe look expensive.


2. Tailor Your Clothestailoryourclothes

Let’s be real now, not all of us are blessed with perfect bodies. Not all of us are always a perfect M, or perfect S. Most of us sit somewhere right in the middle of an S and M or M and a L. Whether we gravitate towards a smaller size in hopes of losing those few extra inches or play safe buying a size larger – we never really buy clothes that fit us perfectly. And this might seem like a simple tip, but unlike our Indianwear, which we get stitched with our exact measurements, we never take our western-wear to the tailor (you’re already a style-diva if you do :)).

While you might not want to take every top and dress you buy to the tailor, do get the fitting right on the more formal and special dresses/tops. Sheath dress, cocktail gowns, party tops and office pants and skirts – these items can benefit from a small nip and tuck in the right place. End result? A more polished looking outfit!


3. Iron Your Clothes, Always!ironyourclothes

Before you tell us this is an obvious tip, we know how busy mornings can be and how we tend to just wear something from the wardrobe in hopes of making it on time to that early morning meeting. Don’t! If there’s one rule you must always follow – let it be this one. Always, always wear well pressed clothes – it will instantly elevate your whole outfit and add polish to even your most worn clothes!


4. Add Accessoriesaccessories2

Sometimes, a simple gold chain or a bracelet can spruce up your whole outfit. There’s just something about gold accessories, be it rings, bracelets, a neck-piece or then even a watch that makes you look like your stepped out a magazine!


5. Go Monochromaticmonochromatic-outfits

Be it all white or an all black look – a monochromatic look not only adds length but also looks more put-together and polished. And you don’t have to be stuck with only black and white, experiment with beige, taupe, olive green, greys (our favorites) or even browns. There’s just something about a monochrome look that makes it stand out.

P.S.: As hard as it might be to believe, but there are a hundred different shades of black  and even white! So make sure your blacks match and white are bright enough.


6. Add A Beltbelt

There’s nothing like a stylish belt to make a statement. Tuck in your shirttails, and cinch in your waists with a chic belt for maximum impact!


7. Handbagshandbags

Although we love our bags in pretty colours, one best way to add instant polish to your outfit is to add a classic handbag. A beautiful handbag can make even a simple white tank and denim outfit look polished and expensive. And no, you don’t need an Hermes! Just make sure your invest in good classic cuts for handbags in neutral colours and always, always make sure your handbags are clean and shiny. Check out our handy guide for maintaining your handbags here.


8. Hair & Makeupmakeup

We’re not talking about layers and layers of foundations! A sleek blowout, red lips, clear and bright skin are the ultimate finishing touches that will elevate your look no matter what! We, at Sharewardrobe, swear by a good blowout!


9. Add Layersadd-layers

Not the out-of-shape and worn cardigans, but a tailored jacket can be your best friend when in need of a polishing your outfit in a jiffy! Invest in good tailored jackets – they last a  long time and are complete value for money! Pair it with denims, wear it over flowy dress to add more structure or then throw it over your shoulder – instant glam!


10. Match Your Shoesmatch-shoes

Match your shoes with your handbags is an oft heard style advice – and while it is completely on-point, not all of us have that many bags in different colours and shades. But try to keep your shoes and accessories in the same color palette – it will make your look more put-together and polished.

Do you have any other tips that will help elevate an outfit? Share with us!


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