How To Care for you Handbags

Men have often been befuddled at the sheer amount of things women carry in their handbags! What does a woman’s handbag not have? 🙂 From valuable items to everyday essentials and general knick-knacks, you carry everything in your trusty handbag – or like we say here at Sharewardrobe – you literally carry your life in your handbag! Your handbag goes wherever you go – from office to shopping trips to parties and even to the bathroom! So why not show your handbag a little TLC?

Follow these quick steps to maintain and clean your leather (and faux leather) handbags.


Regular Maintenance: For regular cleaning, use gently baby wipes to clean the exterior of your handbag. Make sure the wet wipes are alcohol free – this is very important! Do this on weekly basis – baby wipes are gentle and will take the dirt off and keep your leather handbags looking sparkling and new.

Taking it one step further, invest in a good leather conditioner. Leather conditioners are a great way to keep your leather purses looking clean and feeling soft. It’ll also prevent unsightly cracks with consistent use.

Oil Spots:
 For some of us, eating a burger or spaghetti is a daunting task. You’re friends often carry a napkin and tuck it in for you every time you order greasy food 🙂 But despite those little precautions, life happens! 🙂 For those unsightly oil stains that seem to come out of nowhere, dust some baby powder on the affected area. Once the oil stain is covered with enough baby powder, let it sit overnight. Repeat as needed. But by next morning, the pesky little oil stain should have faded if not gone completely!


Dirt: You can easily  remove dirt from leather handbags using baby wipes as mentioned above, but what about real suede handbags? To remove dirt from real suede, use a piece of stale bread crust to gently rub the affected area. You can even try a pencil eraser for the same job – works as well!


Ink Stains: Now this is a tricky one – Not as easy as removing just dirt, we need to upgrade our tool kit! If you don’t have it at home already, invest in a good bottle of rubbing alcohol. Before you use rubbing alcohol to remove pen marks from your leather handbag, remember to test it on an inconspicuous area first! If the affected area is small, use Q-tips to apply rubbing alcohol.


Preservation: There’s nothing more unsightly than a cracked leather handbag! To keep your leather goodies looking handsome always, keep them out of the sun to prevent fading and cracking. The best way to store your purse is in a dust bag or plastic storage container under your bed.


Weekly Maintenance: Unlike its leather cousins, faux leather handbags are much tougher. Once a week, dust your faux leather handbags with a thick cloth to remove dust and other loose debris.


Dirt: To clean dirt from your faux leather handbag, you can use a simple solution of soap and water. Take a small bowl of warm water and mix a pea-sized amount of mild liquid detergent and wipe the insides and outsides of the handbag with a sponge.


Stains: For particularly soiled areas—like ink stains or pencil marks—apply rubbing alcohol to the affected area. As always, please try testing this method in a subtle spot first to be sure it won’t take off any color.


Odor Prevention: Once a month, remember to empty your handbags and let them air out for a day or two. As an additional step, you could even stuff the handbag with newspaper – it will help absorb the smell faster.


Have care tips of your own? Share in the comments below!

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