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At ShareWardrobe, our mission is to help you find the brands you love and make it easier than ever to sell your high quality used clothing. For busy women on the go, ShareWardrobe's selling service is tailored so that all you need to do is request for a pick-up and we do the rest! We aim to help you have the dream wardrobe you always wanted by de-cluttering your wardrobe so that your wardrobe boasts of only those clothes that helps you look and feel your best every day.



We believe that every woman is beautiful and deserves to look her very best and feel confident. We believe that if you feel confident in how you look, it affects your life in positive ways. At ShareWardrobe, our goal is to help you have your dream wardrobe by making selling your unused and gently used fahion  fun, effortless and empowering. At ShareWardrobe, we're here to make getting dressed simple and rewarding, so you can focus on being your best self. No more staring into a wardrobe full of clothes and still getting frustrated becuase you have nothing to wear! Those days are over!


Everytime we bought a new dress or a new bag, we'd look at our over-flowing wardrobes and feel guilty. There were tops & dresses we'd never worn. Clothes we'd picked during the sale season but which we never got around to wearing because they didn't fit in with our general style. Clothes that were a size too small or too big and which we forgot to return on time and were now being eyed by the cousins. There were items we loved but couldn't wear any more due weight gain/loss. And it was not just us, every girlfriend we spoke to faced the same dilemma. We realized we needed a platform where women could sell their new & gently used clothing/shoes/accessories, things that have been just sitting in their wardrobes for years. From this need ShareWardrobe was founded. Our aim is to make ShareWardrobe a fun & simple place where women can sell their less loved items and make some real money with it so that they can go ahead and buy things they really need! Now no more hoarding things you don't need! In stead take those less-loved items from your wardrobes that are taking up precious real estate and send them to us. We at ShareWardrobe promise to find your items a home where they'll be loved and appreciated. Promise! :)